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Christian Drapeau is a pioneer in Adult Stem Cell research. He was a main part of Cerule’s team working as the Chief Science Officer. He has attained global recognition for his nutraceutical applications in the fields of regenerative medicine and wellness. Christian Drapeau holds an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Neurophysiology and a Master’s degree in Neurology and Neurosurgery from the Montreal Neurological Institute. He has been the Chief Science Officer for Cell Tech, Desert Lake Technologies/Cerule, and Stemtech International.

The natural role of stem cells in the body as the foundation of the body's daily repair and tissue regeneration system, was described in Christian’s book Cracking the Stem Cell Code (2010).

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It’s a safe and natural option to the Stem Cell Injection Treatment

Helps with chronic inflamations and assists the body’s inherent ability for long-term self-renewal of damaged tissues and organs

Extracts from nature’s most primitive superfoods, fresh water algae, blue-green algae, concentrated plant extracts and potent antioxidants and others

Christian Drapeau

Chief Science Officer


Author of best sellers including:

« Cracking the Stem Cell Code »

CYACTIV® CLINICAL TRIAL: Human in vitro study

Figure 1. Cells treated with Cyactiv prior to exposure to an inflammatory insult resulted in the production of less free radicals than cells not exposed to Cyactiv.
Figure 2. Results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled parallel-arm study. The graph shows the reduction in discomfort during physical activity after 2 weeks of consuming either placebo or Cyactiv (1 gram/day).

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